Boy toy on Boundary

A boy toy on Boundary today, 26th September.

An army truck towing a six metre long piece of artillery spent some time doing a U-turn at the southern end of Boundary Street today, presumably on its way to beef up the fire power of tomorrow night’s fireworks. The truck-driver was more interested in executing a difficult seven point turn than in discussing the relative merits of using such an enormous piece of artillery in a family fireworks display.

Observers of last year’s Riverfire noted the military aspects of the display: the fireworks are started by a plane performing the same action as it would if it were bombing the city; the performance by the flotilla of Blackhawks is similar to the tactical manouvers required to control a population attempting to flee a bombed CBD. Peace lovers everywhere are wondering what future the government is planning for us with the increased climate of fear and militirisation of the streets.