Brisbane Youth Service is one of the five winners of the 2014 Sanofi Pasteur Vaxigrants.

At the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners PHAA 14th National Immunisation Conference Brisbane Youth Service received a $20,000 educational sponsorship from Sanofi Pasteur in Melbourne 19 June.

Brisbane Youth Service had entered the category for applying innovation in areas of low immunisation.

With the educational sponsorship Brisbane Youth Service will be able to provide preventative treatment against human papilloma virus (HPV) and hepatitis B diseases to an estimated 400 homeless or at risk young people who are not eligible under the Federal Government School Immunisation Program for HPV or Queensland Immunisation Program for hepatitis B.

Allowing them to focus on services such as Pap smear, HPV vaccination and hepatitis B vaccination and aim to reduce incidences of cervical cancer, warts and hepatitis infection to reduce waiting lists at public hospitals.

Sanofi Pasteur Medical & Regulatory Affairs Director Dr Andrea Forde said in a media release, “It’s a real privilege to sponsor Vaxigrants and we congratulate all five winners this year.”

“In Australia we generally have high rates of immunisation, but there are some communities and areas where the awareness of vaccines, and the diseases they prevent, could be stronger. We look forward to seeing the winning entries put their ideas into practice.”