The Westender recently wrote to the candidates for Mayor in the coming Brisbane Council Election.

Read the response below from Independent, Frank Jordan

In what ways do the policies and principles best represent your personal values?

My personal values are derived from humanism and are consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have a right to a job, a home, good health, social security. We should not be subject to discrimination. Our environment should be protected.

What life experiences will you draw on to be an effective representative for Brisbane residents?

I have been active in a wide range of community groups all my adult life. I know how important community is and I know how to nurture it.

As you move about the city what are people telling you about their concerns and hopes for coming years?

I’m hearing that politicians just aren’t listening to people any more. People want something done about global warming, they want medical cannabis legalized. They want to be able to end their lives if they are suffering. They want secure jobs

What is your vision for Brisbane and how do you envisage that taking shape?

I have a vision of a sustainable city, connected to nature, with interconnected networks of communities. A city where citizens are involved and have real control over the important decisions being made about its future.

The fire emergency across Australia this summer has prompted a more urgent conversation in the community about climate change. Are you committed to developing a comprehensive climate change policy and adaptation strategy for Brisbane?

Co-ordinating with state and federal governments will be crucial. However there are many practical steps we can take as well. The council can unilaterally start building affordable electric vehicles. It can also invest in the latest Australian developed technology to store the electricity generated by solar power. The City of Brisbane Investment Corporation (approximately one quarter of a billion dollars) can be repurposed to obtain its income from renewable energy businesses instead of property rental. We can take direct action to make coal and oil uneconomical and obsolete.

What will your priorities be for 2020 if elected?

My first priority will be to ensure that the concrete policies I have advocated are implemented as soon as possible. I will be exploring other sustainable options to create jobs As well I will be seeking community involvement and support to find practical solutions to homelessness and domestic violence. There is a lot that the council can do.

How will you create cross-party support for your agenda?

That’s a difficult question and a lot depends on the actual make up of the new council.

Finally, do you have any personal comments?

I have a firm belief that no one should be left behind and that a stand needs to be taken against the creeping cruelty that is eroding the Australian tradition of the fair go.

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