What happens when you put two women in lockdown during a global pandemic? They get creative and they solve problems! This is what Brisbane-based artist Rebecca McIntosh, aka Bec Mac, and business manager Carmel Haugh did during the months when we could not leave our homes. Upon realisation of the negative repercussion of COVID on the local art sector, they have acted to implement a project to revive it.

Bec Mac and Haugh are the creators of Chrysalis, a project that designs an economic model to revive local art and small business and promote community reactivation.

The mission of Chrysalis is threefold:

  • Employ the creative workforce.
  • Energise local business.
  • Reconnect the community.

Chrysalis proposes a philanthropic model to fund local art. It will roll over three fundraising cycles of $55000 each which will fund ten project involving artists and small businesses around our beloved West End. It empowers the local community to sponsor art through donations of any amount from as little as $5 and up to $15,000 for a complete project. 

If you would like to contribute to CHRYSALIS here is the LINK

All donations go to the Australian Cultural Fund and are tax deductible.

Chrysalis is already delivering on its promise to activate West End with artistic projects. Currently, it has already arranged three projects. The flagship project is a landmark mural realised through the partnership of Avid Reader property owners, artist Vernon Ah Kee from the Kuku Yalandji, Waanji, Yidinji and Gugu Yimithirr peoples, and Josh Milani of Milani Gallery. The second project is Redlight Distancing at Sideshow and an opera show at Caravensarei.

Chrysalis is looking for Donors Patrons of Place who can contribute small donations or fund entire projects. They also want to spark conversations about the link between local art, artists, businesses, and community.

Join the conversation and become a Patron of West End Art!

Chrysalis Projects founders Bec Mac, and Carmel Haugh at the project launch hosted by Avid Reader earlier this month.

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