Lock the Gate Alliance President, Drew Hutton says the coming State Election is the most important yet for Queensland’s survival or demise.

“Queenslanders’ food bowls, clean water and air are being trashed by politicians and big business, especially the mining industry,” Mr Hutton said.

“This is our chance to say ‘enough is enough’ of the indiscriminate coal seam gas and coal mining that is ruining this state for the short-term gain of so few.”

He said Lock the Gate would survey candidates where they stood on csg and other inappropriate mining and would advise voters accordingly.

Lock the Gate will lobby for the People’s Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014 to be introduced to restore democracy to Queensland, stamp out corruption and to reinstate the Upper House as the House of Review.

“Queenslanders are being pushed off their land and sacrificed to make way for the mining juggernaut,” Mr Hutton said.

“The mining industry is undermining our democracy and hogging our land and water. Mining executives have unfettered access to politicians and undue influence on decision- making. The People’s Bill aims to restore the balance, clean out the political system and give the people back their parliament, their land, water and rights.”

People’s Common Rights and Provisions Bill


To shine a light on the glaring failures in control and governance of mining in Qld

To set a standard for mining law reform that is engaging, exciting and reflects community values

To tell our own stories and pursue our campaign agenda outside government mandated processes

To expose democratic failures, loss of community rights and institutional corruption in mining in Qld

To expose the steps taken by the Newman government to weaken and undermine community rights

To bring joy, humour and colourful direct action to play in engaging with a wider audience

The elements of the People’s Common Provision’s Bill are:

The right to say “no” to mining

The right to our health, livelihoods and the quiet enjoyment of our homes

The right to be represented in parliament

The right to our common heritage – the land, water and clean air

The right to object and have our objections heard

The right to clean politics

See  http://www.queenslandpeoplesbill.org.au/ for more details of the Bill and watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/103762184