Hi! I’m Hayley and I’m a student at the University of Queensland currently undertaking my Honours thesis in Environmental Management.

I’m passionate about reducing emissions and promoting sustainable transport and I am undertaking research that may contribute to reducing private car use in Brisbane.

I am looking for Brisbane residents who live car-free by choice to participate in one off interviews for my research. I am attempting to fill a gap in the literature as there is little to no representation or understanding of who the ‘typical’ car-free person is. I expect to publish my findings, adding value to current transport planning literature and it is expected that these findings could be presented to local government members to influence positive change in the realm of active transport in Brisbane.

Each interview should take no more than an hour and your responses will be confidential.

If you are interested in contributing to research that will support sustainable transport in Brisbane and you meet the following criteria, send an email to s4477946@student.uq.edu.au or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Selection criteria: Participant lives car-free by choice:

  • Interviewee does not currently own a car.
  • There are no reasons (health, finances, law, etc.) that restrict the participant from getting a driver’s license and/or owning or driving a car, if they chose to do so.