noelpreston1Ethics: with or without God is written from the author’s unique perspective: theological training as a Christian minister, social justice engagement across several decades, combined with an academic career teaching and researching applied ethics in secular universities. From this cross disciplinary perspective, Noel Preston outlines a common ethical vision and spirituality for humanity; and whether religious belief can be part of that quest. Traversing a range of issues, from homophobia to globalisation, he explores a ‘secular sacred’ approach as a way forward.

Preston owns ‘the Jesus story’ as central to his life. Nonetheless, while valuing the Judeo-Christian heritage, he rejects traditional theism and challenges claims about the uniqueness of Christian ethics. More broadly, this book is for all those who quest for the common good, and who accept the need to recover and discover a spirituality that supports us in meeting contemporary, personal and social ethical challenges, regardless of religious allegiance. ­The result is an inspiring, distinctive and readable text.


Ethics: with or without God is captivating book weaves through ethical theory, contemporary theologies, social justice, ecology and more. Shining through this masterly discussion is Preston’s honesty, humility, openness and compassion in o‑ ering an eco-centric global ethic, with or without God, with a committment to eco-justice supported by eco-spirituality… a wonderful journey towards “reverence for life”!
Val Webb, theologian and author.

Noel Preston writes with integrity about the things that matter. Ethics: with or without God is a courageous and clear-sighted book, encouraging those who dare to live with integrity.
Steven Ogden, author and Principal St Francis’ eological College, Brisbane.

With passion, Preston advances his case for an ecumenical eco-spirituality, grounded in larger concerns than human advancement, geared to the perpetuation of his favourite creature – the gadfly.
John Kleinig, philosopher, CUNY and Centre for Applied Philosophy and Applied Ethics, CSU.

Noel Preston AM is an ethicist and retired Uniting Church minister. Formerly Associate Professor of Applied Ethics at QUT and Griffith University, Brisbane, he is the author of Understanding Ethics (Federation Press) and many other publications specialising in eco-theology, environmental ethics and political ethics.

Christianity and morality in the 21st Century
Noel Preston
Morning Star Publishing

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Editor’s note: Dr Preston was, for many years, a regular columnist to the Westender on the topic of Ethics.