Artist Alana Bosgra

, aged 22, better known by her art moniker “Lani,” is hosting an exhibition at the Mango Tree Café on Jane Street in West End.

Lani has been a professional artist for the past four years, two of which were spent travelling to every state of Australia and sharing her unique art in schools and community groups.

Lani uses her colourful, whimsical style of art as a vehicle to promote discussion around mental health, particularly highlighting issues such as depression and anxiety. Using her personal experiences and thoughts to drive her creative process, Lani focuses heavily on her belief that there is hope no matter what circumstance or challenge arises in life.

Lani is currently completing a social science degree and aims to link her therapeutic knowledge with her arts practice, with plans to study art therapy.

Lani’s art has been described as reminding others of Alice in Wonderland or surrealist themes seen in the works of Salvador Dali.

Lani published an illustrated collection as a book in 2015 with a focus on resilience and using art to guide the conversation around overcoming challenges. The book will be available for purchase on the exhibition night.

The event, held at the Mango Tree Café at 91 Jane Street on the 5th August starting at 6pm, promises to be a celebration of Lani’s art journey and new step into the online market. There will be a chance to win a framed A3 original drawing as well as opportunities to take home Lani’s watercolour works.

“I love using art, not just as an enjoyable activity, but as a way to connect to something bigger than myself,” Lani said. “Art should be accessible to everyone, and should celebrated in the community.”

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