In a time of aggressive activism, a group of artists is providing an avenue of passive resistance to commercialism through the exhibition No Waste Form this International Buy Nothing Day on Friday 29 November 2019.

Founded by Canadian artist Ted Dave in 1992, International Buy Nothing Day (IBND) typically coincides with ‘Black Friday’, which occurs in the United States of America after Thanksgiving; not unlike the Boxing Day Sales in Australia, it is one of the most significant calendar events for retailers.

This IBND residents of South-East Queensland are invited to celebrate at the opening of No Waste Form 2019, an exhibition resulting from a partnership been the international art collective No Waste Form and Brisbane-based artists Crisia Constantine, Martin Derbyshire, Franz Ehmann, Frederick Foert, Louis Pratt, Alessandro Rolandi, Sandra Selig and Claire Tracy. 

The eponymously titled exhibition features a combination of video artwork and small objects that re-purpose material objects and immaterial concepts. For instance, artist Huang Xu creates animation films using scanned pieces of fabric, whereas artist Li Gang proposes aluminium casts of cheap plastic products.

“The exhibition creates dialogue around the issues resulting from rampant consumerism,” states Pamela See, exhibition’s curator.


Exhibition Dates: 29 November – 7 December
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Where: Project Gallery, 226 Grey Street, South Bank, 4101


Feature image:’re/purposed designs’, 2019, @Crisia Constantine