Local artist Philomena Drake

Human Tapestry is an exhibition of spirited new works by two profound, well-travelled Brisbane artists, Sheryl Whimp and Philomena Drake. The multidisciplinary, multicultural exhibition explores the many faces and facades of our big, beautiful world. The Human Tapestry Exhibition opens 21 October to 1 November with opening night on Friday 23  October from 6pm at Percolator Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane.

The title ‘Human Tapestry’ refers to the rich colours, multiple textures, human faces and human-made structures recurring throughout the exhibition. Both artists are especially inspired by women of other cultures – their expressions, their traditional clothing and their strength of character. Close friends for over 20 years, Sheryl and Philomena have studied several creative disciplines together and share a great love for travelling. Though undoubtedly individual, with so much shared inspiration their unique works are truly complimentary.


Sheryl Whimp

Describing her eclectic works Sheryl Whimp says, “I love to capture the world through photography.  From my photos I create scenes of the architecture, people and the mood of the many countries I explore. My canvases and collograph highlight the colour and movement of women in their daily rhythm of life, while my watercolours express scenes of architecture and atmosphere.  This exhibition will also showcase a selection of my artist books. I have bound and covered these handmade books using beautifully designed paper sourced locally and internationally.

With her earthy style inspired by nature and folk art Philomena Drake says, “With my art I honour the many strong women of the world, who throughout history have heroically stood their ground while nurturing their families and communities. The “tono” or round collograph prints of this exhibition are reminiscent of the ancient Etruscan people and their remains found around Chuisi. I am also greatly influenced by the organic shapes and textures of the countryside on my property in the Scenic Rim, which is evident in my collograph prints and the natural materials I use to make my artist books. “

The Human Tapestry Exhibition is an extraordinary collection of beautiful new works by two worldly Queensland women. This exhibition promises to be even more popular than their last collaboration “By Two” which almost sold out on opening night. Human Tapestry opens from 21 October, with opening night on Friday 23 October, 6pm, at Percolator Gallery, Paddington.

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