Brendan, 22, goes through a weights session with the help of Tim from Iridium Health

The tenants of Common Ground Brisbane are working up a sweat and getting fit thanks to a new health and fitness program being run with the help of local business Iridium Health in collaboration with Rise Industries.

Common Ground Brisbane opened in 2012 and provides affordable and supportive housing solutions for people who are suffering, or at risk of homelessness or struggling with severe disability.

At no cost to the tenants, trainers Tim and Alannah from Iridium Health run the 10 supervised PT sessions each week in Common Ground’s recently opened Fitness and Wellbeing Centre.

They customise every session to suit each participant’s fitness level and goals, and keep the workouts fun, relaxed, and open to everyone.

So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive with many participants not only enjoying the health benefits of a good workout but also the social connection and inclusion the sessions provide. Brendan, 22, has been a resident of Common Ground for three years and is one of the program’s keenest participants.

“I try to get down to three or four sessions a week, I just really like the whole social aspect to it, everyone encourages each other and it helps people work harder and makes it more fun”, he says.

Rise Industries have a proud history of social responsibility and creating sport and fitness opportunities in communities. They got in touch with Tim Douge, Manager of Iridium Health, who says they jumped at the chance to get in involved.

“I thought it was a really great idea and we were more than happy to help out, it’s a great way for us as a local business to give a little something back and support the local community.

It’s important to remember as well that a lot of the tenants here haven’t had access to good equipment or training before so it’s great to see so many getting involved and having a go”.

And CEO of Common Ground, Sonya Keep, is already seeing firsthand the positive influence the program is having to the lives of many of the tenants.

“Many of our residents who are struggling with mental health issues or addiction have said that having this to look forward to is one of the few things that keeps them going each day” Ms Keep explains.

“We’re so thankful for the help from the guys at Iridium and Rise.

“It might seem like such a simple thing but it really is making a massive difference to people’s lives”.

Caption: Brendan, 22, goes through a weights session with the help of Tim from Iridium Health

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