The scene outside Peter Dutton’s Strathpine office

Brisbane Mums 4 Refugees Working Group Yarn Bomb Peter Dutton’s Electorate Office

Brisbane mothers from Mums 4 Refugees Working group have decorated the outside of Peter Dutton’s electorate office in Strathpine, QLD with handmade hearts and messages to demand that he show compassion towards the 267 refugees and people seeking asylum that are currently facing deportation.

These passionate mothers and their supporters have been busily putting together the parts of this display over the last weeks in support of the #LetThemStay campaign asking the Australian government to let 267 asylum seekers facing removal to offshore detention stay in Australia and to end offshore detention of asylum seekers.

Mums 4 Refugees is a national community of mothers with over 2000 members and over 16000  followers online who come together to advocate for justice for refugees and asylum seekers. Mums 4 Refugees is about starting conversations in our communities to better support people seeking asylum, providing advocacy to refugees in our community and living in Australian and offshore detention centers and asking our politicians to do better.

Convener of Mums 4 Refugees Brisbane working group, Lesley Bauer, said “we are asking Minister Dutton to show compassion and close all offshore processing centres. We ask him to bring the people held there to safety in Australia and end the cruel treatment of men, women and children in these centres.”