THE FLOOD is a philosophical drama/comedy. It follows four housemates, all twenty-something with their futures on the line. There’s Glenn, Karl, and the couple Damo and Sandra. For these unwitting heroes life lacks purpose, to each the world seems senseless and dysfunctional.

It is at this moment they drop into the centre of the 2011 Brisbane Flood. There with the waters rising, they are forced to reconsider their outlooks on life and the nihilistic holes they have each fallen into. The situation demands they have no other choice.

The Flood dares to ask questions that have seldom if ever been brought into the spotlight. In contemporary theatre it is common practice to simply show that the modern world is alienating, yet it is rare that a production will aim to show WHY this is so, or indeed HOW a sense of alienation might foster.

As a comedy The Flood is hilarious. Yet it’s only funny because humour allows it to probe. The Flood is no laughing joke.

The Flood is rated M. It contains Adult Themes, Coarse Language, and Drug Use.

THE FLOOD @ Queen Alexandra Home

Thurs 11 – Sun 14 May Queen Alexandra Home 347 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151

Tickets $20.00



Tim Horgan | Writer/Director
Thomas Bishop | Assistant Director
Reba Ide | Production Manager
Emma Turner | Stage Manager
Gregg Goriss | Lighting and Sound
Mitchell Cobcroft | Stage Hand/Crocodile


Cliff Ellis | Glenn
Jack T Murphy | Karl
Briellen Juracic | Sandra
Bernard Mina | Damo
Robert J Mussett | Walter
Sarah McSharer and Peta Zivec | Rescue Lady

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