Can art and music help stop dangerous climate change? The creators of a new and highly innovative music production from Melbourne think so.

“Climate change is without doubt the most serious challenge facing us,” says songwriter and guitarist, Simon Kerr. “We wanted to find a way to tell this most important story, and as a musician it was natural to turn to music”.

The result is the highly acclaimed Music for a Warming World, not just an entertaining gig, but also a stunning visual experience with high quality video and images.

Kerr is uniquely qualified to do this. With a longstanding career as a songwriter and a PhD in environmental management, he translates the science and politics of global warming into an emotionally engaging and hopeful experience.

“People really get into the whole music/visual experience of Music for a Warming World,” says co-producer Christine Parker, a Law Professor at the University of Melbourne where her research includes regulation affecting climate change.

“We all need to grasp the deep urgency of climate change and Music for a Warming World really helps people think and feel differently about it” she says.

They believe music and art move people in powerful ways. “Facts are important but music and art emotionally engage us in ways that facts and data cannot”.

“Creating a concert on climate change is challenging”, says Kerr, “so we focused on three things. It must be highly entertaining with great music, communicate the science honestly and, most importantly, provide hope for the future. It is what art and music can do best.”

Music for a Warming World was launched in 2016 and has already been performed over 30 times at music festivals, universities, house concerts and community events from Melbourne to Woodford.

The band line up for Brisbane is:

Simon Kerr, Guitars, Stomp, Vocals
Kylie Morrigan, Violin, Vocals
Scott Lewis, Keys, Vocals
Mal Webb, Bass, Horns, Vocals, Beat box
Tim Hollo, Viola
Rob Wheeler, Horns
Christine Parker, Laptop/Visuals

The show will open with a special guest set from Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan (who also play with the Formidable Vegetable Sound System).

Music for a Warming World

A visually immersive eco-music experience of the climate ‘storm’, social change and a compelling vision of hope for a better future.

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Food Connect
1/8 Textile Crescent
 Salisbury Q 4107

Only $15 with delicious food and drinks available to purchase on the night.  


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