Escapism and The Art of Human Interpretation: Switchboard Arts presents Imagined Worlds at Vacant Assembly This Weekend!

Experience art, performance, and discussion this weekend that will challenge your very perception of the world in which we live! Switchboard Arts is presenting Imagined Worlds at Vacant Assembly on 23 and 24 October 2021.

Imagined Worlds will examine if we are living in a world, we imagined featuring the works of Suzie Mansley, Janine Healy, Las Chimilitas and Anarchosophist.

Escapism is something we all seek out in our everyday life. Often this comes in the form of art; be it literature, movies, music, or visual art. Human beings have been creating art since the very beginning of time. Our imaginations have carried us through everything from our earliest rock drawings to our latest Hollywood blockbuster. Countless minds have interpreted and reinterpreted our world and human existence through every medium known to man; motivated by the innate human desire to share our vision, our interpretation of the world and how we imagine it.

Imagined Worlds will challenge the audience to consider whether we inhabit a world we imagined through a series of art exhibitions, performances, and discussions. This work will transport audiences to imaginary worlds. In these imaginary worlds, we walk with Gods and Goddesses; we hear the stories of warrior queens and bested beasts. We see worlds of whimsy that lift our souls and dystopias of darkness where monsters live.  We may sit by a pond that has never existed or gaze into the heart of a galaxy glimpsed through a keyhole.

Imagined Worlds will be delivered across two days featuring an exhibition, a symposium, and a concert. The exhibition portion of the weekend will be free entry and will be presented on Saturday 23 October at 9am and Sunday 24 October at 12pm. The exhibition will feature the work of visual artist, Janine Healy and ceramicist, Suzie Mansley as well as a multimodal performance from Anarchosophist. Janine Healy has a deep connection to people and place and her work invites viewers to step into her imagination as she redefines relationships with her subjects. In Imagined Worlds, Janine will take her viewers on an existential exploration of the worlds within their own bodies and minds.

Suzie Mansley is an experience ceramicist interested in capturing worlds on a micro level through miniature pottery, small-scale installations. In Imagined Worlds, viewers will be invited to step into Suzie’s imagination.

With a distinct blend of electronica, jazz, and instrumental hip hop, Anarchosophist will transport audiences into a literary dystopia. This new multimodal installation, Into The Cage, will debut at Imagined Worlds and feature a sound that’s dark but playful; reminiscent of 80s synth freaks and 90s crate diggers with a little something extra thrown in. Anarchosophist new work asks his audience to question if these dystopias we once imagined might no longer be just fiction.

The symposium component of the weekend will be on Saturday 23 October at 12pm with ticket prices at $10 per ticket. Creators and facilitators of Imagined Worlds, Bernard and Matt, will share a drink with the audience and a convivial chat. This discussion will ask the question, “Do we inhabit a world we imagined?”. This will give the audience a unique insight and understanding into the meaning behind Imagined Worlds and the concepts and ideas this event is tackling.

Finally, the weekend will feature a live performance for just $15 per ticket on Saturday 23 October at 8pm (doors at 7pm). This segment of Imagined World will feature performances from Las Chimilitas as well as another look at Anarchosophist’s new multimodal work, Into The Cage. With soaring vocals, divine harmony, and wonderful acapellas, Las Chimilitas are an all-female vocal trio who will transport audiences to Spain and South America with songs of love and justice. In their own words, they describe themselves as “a Brisbane based female vocal trio, with a passion for creating our own original songs as well as arrangements of Spanish and South American songs that tell stories of love, justice, women’s rights, deep human suffering and infectious celebration.”

Imagined Worlds is on this weekend from 23-24 October 2021 at Vacant Assembly in West End. Do not miss your chance to experience this collection of curated artistic experiences and explore imagination, perspective, and reality. This is a true chance at escapism, an experience like no other, Imagined Worlds is sure to challenge your own interpretations and provide new insights.

You can read more about this event on Switchboard Arts’ website


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