Discover how wine tasting can be an exercise in mindfulness, and can offer a new way of appreciating and enjoying what you drink. Through a range of guided practices we will engage all of our senses to experience wine as it is received by the eyes, nose and mouth, focusing on details such as colour, smell, texture and taste.

It will be a fun and relaxing evening that will offer a taste of how mindfulness can help you find your ‘MindSpace’ by focusing your attention on the present moment, which with practice will help restore a sense of calm and balance to your life.

Mindfulness is a perspective that you bring to everything that you do, including drinking wine – which is a lovely way to practice. This same perspective is also how you deal with stress, connect better with others, and consistently perform at a high level.

Friday the 9th of June
1889 Enoteca 12 Logan Rd Woollongabba
Bookings required at

·         Salame classic
·         Salame cacciatorino
·         Bresaola (cured beef made with red wine)
·         Honduja (pork belly spicy with fennel seeds
·         24 months aged Prosciutto San Daniele
·         Fried Artichokes
·         Fried Fennels
·         Zucchini
·         Capsicum
·         Eggplants


n/a vintage – Collevento Prosecco
2016 Fontana Bianca ‘Arneis’
2014 Ca’ Rugate ‘Monte alto
2014 Denavolo ‘Dinavolino’ 

2015 Monte Dall’Ora ‘ Saseti’
2014 Hilberg Pasquero ‘Barbera D’alba’
2009 La stoppa ‘Barbera della Stoppa’

2015 Mauro Vergano ‘Luli’ moscato.