On 7 February 1997 Brisbane City Council, churches and local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities began a series of events entitled Kul-gun Da ‘Lo-bol’ pa – The Journey Home, to recognise the Stolen Generation.

Indigenous Elders led a procession to City Hall where they were formally welcomed by the Lord Mayor. Cultural and historical ceremonies were conducted to mark the start of a healing process and a commemorative plaque was placed near City Hall.

National Sorry Day

In 1998, commemorative Sorry Day plaques were installed by Council in Brisbane parks as a mark of respect, apology and remembrance for the Stolen Generations. Public ceremonies are held each year around 26 May (National Sorry Day).


An estimated 100,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were forcibly taken from their families and raised in homes or adopted or fostered out by European families.

On 13 February 2008, the then Prime Minister of Australia made an official apology to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian Government. The apology has been an important step in the healing process for the Stolen Generations.

Commemorative sites are located at:

Orleigh Park, West End

Pandanus Point, Wynnum Foreshore

Teralba Park, Everton Park

Kalinga Park, Nundah

Sherwood Arboretum, Sherwood

King George Square, Brisbane CBD

Orleigh Park, West End

In 1900, Cranbrook became the home for Aboriginal girls and young women who had been forcibly removed from their families and communities under the Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act, 1897. Many Aboriginal girls and young women were taken from their families and put to work as servants. In 1906, the home was closed after an inquiry into conditions there.


My images of our gathering in West End honour the stories of the young girls and their families as well as so many the First Nations peoples whose relatives we now know as the Stolen Generation.

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Sam and Catherine Watson

The Songlines Choir

Amazing self-taught guitarist Chris Tomay

Local Councillor Jonathan Sri

A good friend of Sorry Day, and previous Councillor, Helen Abrahams

Old friends reunited, Margie Gamble and Helen Abrahams

A sombre moment for Link Up (Qld) Chair, Sam Watson

Honoured Guests – Local State Member Jackie Trad MP, Federal Member Terri Butler MP and prevois City Councillor Helen Abrahams