Putting people before developments, Kurilpa Futures (KF) is a non-partisan group that strives to lobby on behalf of, and inform, the local community of what’s happening in West End and surrounds.

Welcoming a broad range of skills and interests into its cohort, KF offers diverse opportunities for local residents to contribute to the suburb’s future.

A number of activities currently underway by our smaller subgroups include:

 Tree Lovers

 A committed subgroup of tree lovers aims to substantially increase the number of street trees on the Kurilpa peninsula. 

Two key strategies to achieve this are:

  • Identify opportunities for more trees on the key walking and cycling routes and submit these to BCC for action. There are 40 possible locations recently identified for additional trees along Vulture St between Boundary St and Hardgrave Rd.
  • Work with Council, local businesses and residents to develop a program to encourage people to look after street trees adjacent to their houses or places of business.

As well as enhancing the visual amenity of our neighbourhood, more street trees will increase shade cover and lower temperatures for pedestrians and cyclists, which helps our neighbourhood adjust to the warming effects of climate change.

CAUTION – Wet Paint! 

Following maintenance efforts in 2020 on the Boundary St furniture (installed in 1994), this KF subgroup has extended their work to include the eleven bench seats situated from outside the library to the corner of Jane Street.

Notice the eye-popping, colour-drenched furniture coming back to life as bench seats are worked on by an enthusiastic KF subgroup.  As these benches are in regular use by the community, early Sunday morning working-bees target 2-3 seats at a time, so benches are generally available for use by late morning. Most orange panels are completed, and the blue frames started; covid restrictions have suspended work but it will recommence once restrictions lift.

Some of the KF team and residents in October 2020

Cordelia Street DA challenge

KF supports individual residents forced to challenge development applications that contravene existing BCC height regulations in their area.

Broad support is offered to affected communities like the NO TO LAMBERT STREET group at Kangaroo Point, and residents impacted by the Aria application for their Cordelia and Glenelg Street development opposite Brisbane State High School.

This original application height of 34 storeys, including double floors of rooftop amenities, has been amended to 30 storeys with a reduction of unit numbers from 382 to 306. According to the South Brisbane Riverside Plan, the current height regulations for this site is 12 storeys. The neighbouring buildings are no higher than 7 storeys (in compliance with the previous regulations) thus making the proposed tower more than four times higher than its neighbours and 15 times higher than the heritage listed church on the corner of Cordelia Street. Traffic circulation is a future concern as the application provides for 561 carparks and only one exit/entry.  Both major roads feeding into Glenelg Street are one way.

No decision has been made by Brisbane City Council to date.

Montague Road Project

A KF subgroup is working with the Queensland Ballet on designing and promoting a recognised arts precinct along Montague Road.

The concept for a slower, greener, more people-friendly street space emerged from KF’s early concerns about traffic management along Montague Road, including anticipated traffic to the significant state development, the Thomas Dixon Centre – home of the Queensland Ballet (QB) and a community hub for all.

Recognising that Montague Road is already home to a number of performance groups, galleries, workshop spaces, food and beverage, sporting, and cultural organisations, it seemed a natural progression to celebrate the diversity and cultural energy that is a hallmark of this suburb with a festival.

Book-ended by the Thomas Dixon Centre – home of the Queensland Ballet (QB) and Queensland Theatre, an initial community stakeholder-driven event will herald the Centre’s opening, and an associated Enquiry by Design (EBD) forum will drive the concept forward to hopefully become an annual celebration.

EBD Workshops are multi-day planning and urban design forums that explore, and test design and development ideas and options based on a comprehensive understanding of local issues, opportunities, and constraints. Early discussions are underway to bring communities on board and participation is encouraged.


Kurilpa Futures is very grateful to Micah Projects for hosting monthly meetings in its centrally located Boundary St premises, while maintaining COVID distancing practices.

Kurilpa Futures meets once a month.

If you are interested in getting involved email us at kurilpafuturesgroup@gmail.com