Covid-19 has challenged the art sector. As the pandemic rolled over, artists lost gigs and contracts. But the resilience of the artistic community is impressive as demonstrated by the creative ways artists and producers have used technology and social media to continue to make and share their art.

Remedy is an initiative started in March to keep the Drum n Bass (DnB) scene alive during the pandemic. Founded by event promoter Alyce Russell, Remedy is producing a DJ battle between the female DJs of Brisbane and Perth, gathered respectively by Shorty Christie Schulze and PachaMama Gatherings.

On Saturday 15th of August, The Femme Fatales Brisbane recorded their sets at Frequencies. These include, the non-binary feline Boom Bean Selecta, and the female artists Elektropanda, Kaylo, Oska, and Skish.

The battle of the female DJs of Perth and Brisbane will be available online in an event called Coast2Coast Ladies of Bass which will be streamed on Facebook on the 6th of September at 16:00 UTC+08.

The Femme Fatales Brisbane will also be playing live at Sub Rosa, 188 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, on Friday 28th of August.

Coast2Coast Ladies of Bass performs two crucial social functions. First, it keeps artists engaged and productive during the pandemic. Second, and most important, it showcases the female and non-binary talents of DnB which is an artistic space still dominated by men.