Picture yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where the corporate machine has run rampant and the environment is destroyed– jobs are a thing of the past and no one can afford to buy a house.

Even the owners of a card board box can be very house proud.  Only the Wunderfools can make you laugh, cry and scratch your brain all at once in this absurd microcosmic glimpse of the near future. 

That’s the scenario for Serf City, being performed by Wunderfools as part of the Anywhere Festival, from 4-5pm on both Sat 13th and Sunday 14th May in front of 97 Boundary St. West End. 

Wunderfools is a fun, experienced Improvised movement troupe, who have performed at the Powerhouse and various public locations.

Performance is free.  http://anywheretheatre.com/listings/serf-city/

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