Learn to use meditation to foster your own inner peace and happiness, and increase peace and happiness for everyone else at the same time.

Over five weeks in April–May at Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre, Buddhist Carolyn Mason will lead participants through guided meditations designed to increase their loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity¾attitudes that Buddhists call, ‘The Four Immeasurables.’

“They are called ‘Immeasurables’ because you learn to spread your positive attitude to immeasurable numbers of people, even people you don’t like or don’t know, ” says Carolyn Mason, long-time student of Buddhism.

“Doing these meditations also give you immeasurable benefits,” Carolyn adds.

“They counter unhealthy attachment, jealousy, prejudice, ill will and anger, which we all recognise as poisonous attitudes in our everyday lives.”

Buddhists and non-Buddhists will benefit from the techniques taught in Carolyn’s program “Four meditations for happiness”.

The program runs daytime and evening sessions to enable as many people to benefit as possible.

About Carolyn Mason

Carolyn regularly leads meditations at Langri Tangpa Centre. She met the dharma later in life and is making up for lost time, becoming the Centre’s first student to complete the Discovering Buddhism program, including the 3 month retreat in Nepal. Carolyn does training and facilitation and puts her career leadership and strategy skills to use as a member of the LTC Management Committee, and Chair of the Board for a Brisbane-wide community services provider.

Four Meditations for Happiness – with Carolyn Mason Every Thursday evening 20 April–18 May (5 weeks) 6.30-8 pm No need to book, suggested donation $20/$10 Every Thursday morning 20 April–11 May (4 weeks) 10.30 am-12 noon, No need to book, suggested donation $20/$10

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Where: Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre, 535 Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill, Qld 4152