DSC_0778The 10th anniversary of Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance was yet another smashing success at Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre on Friday evening last week.

I had been invited by Micah Projects to attend the evening to get a glimpse of what this unique event is truly all about.

It is getting close to 6 pm that evening while I help Katie Bennett set up her photo booth before everyone arrives to eagerly have their photos taken throughout the evening.

After helping out Katie with the photo booth I have a chat with Majella Heraghty from Micah Projects.

She tells me that it is important to think of the Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance not as a fundraiser, but a social inclusion event.

“Micah Project’s relies on donations, grants and full priced tickets sales to ensure the night is accessible to everyone.”

“This allows for the provision of heavily subsidised tickets for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

It is still not 6 pm yet, but Lynette Vardy is already eagerly waiting for the doors to open.

She tells me that she has been to every Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance since it was first launched ten years ago.

“Every time I come I have great time.”

The highlight of the night is undoubtedly the dancing Lynette Vardy adds.

Right after 6 pm is when you really notice the popularity of Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance. The foyer of the Plaza Ballroom is full of eager attendees excited to enjoy a night filled with fun and laughter.

Dominic whom has been to Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance since 2010 is back to have yet another amazing evening.

When asked what is so special with the event he replies, “having fun meeting different people and having a good night.”

Robyn Evans and Patty is attending for their first time and they are both excited and looking forward to the evening.

After observing the crowd for a bit in the foyer it was time to head inside the Plaza Ballroom as the big event was about to kick off.

DSC_0843While people were still entering the Plaza Ballroom to find their seats they put on some music before the food was served to keep everyone entertained, which filled the dance floor instantly.

Everyone seemed now to have gotten inside and the eager dancers were asked to find their table as the food would be served while a few welcome speeches were given.

David had again been given the responsibility to be the MC for the night and pulled it of wonderfully.

Uncle Des Sandy welcomed everyone with a lovely speech and introduced Aaron Ruska who did an amazing performance on his didgeridoo.

DSC_0857After the speeches had been given, the dinner eaten and the deserts enjoyed, it was time to loosen those belts and hit the dance floor to music performed by Savvy.

As part of the evening they later arranged the dance floor in four corners, each indicated with balloons in different colours. During this game they play music while people are dancing, and when the music stops you have to be quick and pick which corner you want to be part of. Then a colour is randomly drawn to exclude dancers until there are only two left, who will be the winners of the competition.

Rest of the night Savvy continued to play music and everyone is danced and mingled with each other. Yet another successful Moonlight Magic Dinner dance, leaving everyone with fond memories of this great event.

DSC_0871It is not until you attend the Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance you understand how important this event is and appreciate the positive impact it will have on those attending.

An impact that will last for months, as Mal Causer from Micah Projects told me when I visited Campbell’s club few weeks ago.

Photos by Katie Bennett can be found here.