SingSingAs my wife and I enter the newly opened Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant ‘Sing Sing’ in West End we are greeted by Loan, a member of the family who runs it.

She grew up in West End and spent the first fifteen years of her life here, attending both West End State School and Brisbane State High School.

Loan’s family migrated to West End from Vietnam in the late 1980s and still has close ties with the community. This is why they decided to relocate Sing Sing to Hardgrave Road, where the old Kim Thanh Restaurant was, when the opportunity presented itself this year.

Their new location in West End is nicely renovated and has a lovely, bright and open interior — making it feel very spacious and pleasant.

Sing Sing Restaurant has been in operation for 25 years and has a well-established reputation in Annerley, known for its dedication to authentic Vietnamese and Chinese food and friendly customer service.

Sing Sing is still a family business and have the same staff from their old location in Annerley, with her mother and a brother as chefs, and her many siblings working at the front of the house.

SingSing_MPRPRThe first dish that was served was their Prawn and Meat Rice Paper Rolls with Hoisin sauce on the side. It might sound like an odd combination, meat and prawns, but their individual texture compliments each other wonderfully. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients and the crispiness of the vegetables inside, making this dish the perfect entree to start with and share. The hoisin sauce is freshly made there and blends beautifully with the ingredients of the rice paper roll.

As a second entree we were served their Signature Beef Noodle Soup, which is a Vietnamese national dish. It is slow-cooked for twenty hours and prepared by Loan’s mother. The recipe is a family secret — a dish her mother has been making for the last twenty years. You can smell that it is packed with many different and exciting herbs and spices which creates a very interesting and delicious aroma.

SingSing_SBSThe first taste of this soup is very discreet the first few seconds, but suddenly the flavours explode in your mouth. Each spoon of soup has a wonderful and unique taste. The noodles gives it that extra, light texture. As the beef that has been cooking with the soup for all those hours, it has become very tender and has a very delicious and enticing flavour after absorbing the deliciousness of the soup.

It is a dish best enjoyed between two people if you order it as an entree, as the serving is quiet large. Yet easily consumed if you are very hungry, as it is so very delicious. The soup is served with bean sprouts, sliced chilli, basil leaves and hoisin sauce on the side. The chilli will make it a bit spicy, but mixed with basil the soup will take your taste buds on yet another amazing journey of new flavours.

SingSing_VPSROur main course was Vietnamese Pork Spare Ribs with Egg and Rice. Served on a bed of rice and sliced cucumber and tomatoes, topped with a fried egg, and with a nuoc cham sauce on the side to bring out the flavours. Another combination yours truly is not accustomed to, but found to be absolutely perfect. Each ingredient compliments each other.

What truly amazed me was the taste of the pork spare ribs. The seasoning was again discreet, but so very tasty and delicious. And it was the first time I have had the pleasure to eat such tender pork spare ribs. A simple, yet very tasty meal that is very filling.

SingSing_DFICMy belt buckle was ready to burst, but I had to try their Deep Fried Ice Cream, as that was yet another dish I have never had before. How this is done absolutely amazes me. It has a thick and crispy shell which blends very well with the ice cream inside. Served on a bed of thickened cream with a beautiful decoration and topped with caramel sauce and whipped cream. The perfect desert to end a perfect meal.

Sing Sing is one of those restaurants that not only offer interesting dishes in regards to combination of ingredients and authenticity, but more importantly, their flavours are truly unique and wonderful, leaving you with the desire to want more. And if you find yourself a bit clueless with what to get, as we were, then their wonderful staff will gladly give you some suggestions to suit your palette perfectly.

On Saturday 21st Sing Sing will host Lion Dancers from the Hock Chong School, one of the oldest Kung Fu establishments in Brisbane, to celebrate the 2013 Lantern Festival. Be sure to make a booking in advance by calling 3844 4954.

  • Mains meals ranging from $9.9 to $21.90. The meals we enjoyed were Prawn and Meat Paper Rice Paper Rolls $9.90, Signature Beef Noodle Soup $9.90 and Vietnamese Pork Spare Ribs with Egg and Rice $12.50.
  • It is a licensed venue with beers starting at $4. Their drinks are priced for their customers enjoyment. BYO wine only with a $2 corkage per person.
  • They offer free karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • If you are keen to learn how to cook Vietnamese food, they also offer cooking classes.
  • Parking is located at the rear of the building.

Visit their website here to view their full menu:
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Located at: 93 Hardgrave Road, West End, 4101.
Phone: 3844 4954

Disclosure: Sing Sing is not affiliated with the restaurant located at their old location in Annerley.