qlh-screenshotOne of Queensland’s longest established community organisations, Caxton Legal Centre, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in style with the launch of a new, online edition of the Queensland Law Handbook (QLH).

According to Scott McDougall, Director of Caxton, “Community Legal Centres are at the forefront of innovation in the law, and the digital age presents another challenge and some exciting opportunities to make the law more accessible”.

“While we made every effort to convert the updated version of the 12th and last paper edition of the Queensland Law Handbook into a user-friendly online legal self-help resource, this digital edition still largely retains the characteristics of a book,” said Scott.

“The 63 chapters have been divided into seven sections of law with meaningful titles and representative pictures to symbolise the respective content.

“The headings of each individual chapter were carefully constructed to include keywords and phrases that greatly enhance accessibility. Additionally, links to up-to-date primary trustworthy external sources, such as Commonwealth and state government law websites, government departments and other reputable organisations are included.”

Caxton first published a Legal Resources Book in 1983, designed to enable access to Queensland law for non-lawyers.

The first edition was produced with the assistance of the Queensland Legal Aid Commission and was written entirely by volunteers (the list of authors reading like a “Who’s Who” of the Queensland legal fraternity).

The Queensland Law Handbook can be found at: https://queenslandlawhandbook.org.au/