Paradise Palette: Haus Piska is an art exhibition and film festival featuring over 15-0 vibrant and colourful artworks by emerging and established Papua New Guinea artists –  showcasing at Petrie Terrace Gallery, Brisbane from 4 – 15 November 2020.

Paradise Palette was established by Australian curator and photojournalist Don Wotton and this is the fourth year the exhibition has toured to Brisbane. It provides art-lovers, gallery visitors and others the opportunity to see a glimpse into contemporary PNG life. 

Works by Michael Taium and Robert Kua capture traditional culture and village life in extraordinary detail, while intricate tribal patterns and bright colours feature in stylised works of wildlife and quirky everyday subjects by Jane Wena, Kuiye Siune and Rose Siune.

This year’s exhibition has been expanded to include an accompanying Film Festival, including over 30 films. The complementary film festival brings a new dimension to the fine arts of PNG on display at the Gallery.

Highlights include a selection of documentaries that examine the social impacts modern western technology has had on PNG’s traditional cultures, and the rapid development the country has undergone since gaining national independence.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, a mammoth effort was undertaken by Mr Wotton and a dedicated group of PNG artists and supporters to bring the exhibition to Australia.

“In a year marred by drought, bushfires and the closure of international borders due to COVID, there were times I wasn’t sure if this exhibition was going to be possible,” said Mr Wotton. 

“Many of the artists have also been self-isolating in their home villages, remote from Port Moresby, making communication and collection of the artworks difficult on top of the travel restrictions. But the arts community has rallied together, and the end result is sure to bring some much-needed colour into our lives.”

This year’s exhibition will also include a special retrospective display of previously un-exhibited works by late pioneer artists John Siune and Mathius Kauage. The new Caxton Street rooftop venue – The Rockket Garden will also provide a convivial outdoor setting for the screening of a number of feature films from PNG during the course of the exhibition.

Whether your interests are in ethnography, contemporary art, interior design or film-making, or you are simply drawn by curiosity as to what life in PNG is like there is something for people of all backgrounds and age groups.

The exhibition also looks to directly support PNG arts communities – with much-needed sales set to support the local artists.

“Proceeds from the sales of artworks and tickets to the films will directly support the Tambura Visual Arts Association”, said Mr Wotton.


Event: Paradise Palette, Haus Piksa

Exhibition Dates: 4-15 November 2020

Petrie Terrace Gallery:

Unit 3, 162 Petrie Tce, Brisbane Qld 4000

Gallery Open Times: Mon-Sun, 10am – 3:30pm

Additional Films Screened At:

The Rockket Room

2 Caxton Street, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane:

Movies will be screened daily at 12 midday and 7 pm at night.  $10 pp.


Birds of Paradise Hidden Among Leaves, Arison Kul 2018 – Acrylic on canvas
1160 x 800 $425


Fish School, Prosper Haure 2020 – Acrylic on canvas 1100 x 1100 $675


Cover image: Mermaid Love, Apa Hugo 2019 – Acrylic on canvas 1120 x 850 $525