We all like to watch. Some of us love to be watched. Some of us only exist when someone is looking. What happens
when the watcher isn’t there?

Red Light Distancing transforms an urban shop front into a stirring journey of Tableau Vivants. Red Light Distancing is a new inverted performance where the viewer can select from audio playing simultaneously in different rooms, as characters
live and move inside each room.

This ‘terrarium’ only exists between the frame and your eyes. These rare birds have been collected, trapped and are on
view, for one last time, before their world ceases to exist.

The concept for Red Light Distancing was born out of the performers’ desire, and the necessity to perform, with the idea that we only exist when someone is watching. In 2020, amid COVID restrictions, the pilot season was performed to onlookers out on the street. It was “Punk Theater”. Developing and playing with new forms, and mixing old ones in an attempt to react. The format included three rooms running simultaneously with performers living inside these rooms, viewed from the outside through the glass. The audience watching from outside could listen in with a three channel audio stream running from each room. Tuning in via smartphones, you could choose between each of the audio streams. A kind of choose your own adventure, deconstructed performance.

The work received industry praise and was immediately picked up for support by Chrysalis Projects, to help develop the work further. The development was successfully awarded funding from Arts Queensland with the second iteration set to premiere in October 2021, when early that year due to the effects of the pandemic the host venue closed down. After months of searching for a new venue, and battling several other postponements and general setbacks in the reshuffling of events in 2022, we are finally set to go back to perform the work in West End on 10 and 11 of January. 

With the support of Arts Qld, and Chrysalis projects, along with Shock Therapy Productions, the show has expanded on earlier concepts. We worked with sound designer Ben Walsh on an original score, with a binaural sound design. We also worked with award-winning lighting designer Jason Glenwright and set designer Amy Gale, along with a stellar cast of artists from across genres. I’m really excited about how the work is developing, and the experiences being offered to West End locals, along with anyone coming to the area. 

This is like a mini Dark Mofo for West end. 

Dedicated, interesting, and entertaining artists and creatives, experimenting and presenting challenging and entertaining work in our own back yard, and on our streets. Don’t miss your chance to fully experience it. Book to guarantee access to the blocked off area of Exeter street.

Bring your smartphone and a decent pair of headphones to fully experience 


  • Length: 70 mins
  • There are three rooms running simultaneously
  • Audio from each room is streamed via an app on your smartphone
  • Bring headphones to listen in. (or purchase some that we will have on hand)
  • Ticket purchase will guarantee you access to a roped off area of the street, and the audio stream coming from
    each room.

Bookings: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/red-light-distancing-tickets-338922304737


  • Friday 10th June: 7pm (Preview)
  • Saturday 11th June 7pm


The Fate Container, 49 Vulture Street, West End 4101.


  • Director: David Carberry
  • Technical Director: Ryan Mahony
  • Sound designer: Ben Walsh
  • Set Designer: Amy Gale
  • LX designer: Jason Glenwright

Red Light Distancing appeared as a pilot project in October 2020, you can see the video from this event below.

It has since received funding from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland’s QASP program, to be
redeveloped and presented in 2022.

Cover image by Cassandra Sutton