West End is an epicentre of growth and development where there are many ongoing issues that concern our community.

Kurilpa Futures (KF) is a community group which aims to ensure that development on the Kurilpa peninsula meets the needs of residents and the many visitors to this peninsula.

KF began the year with the annual meeting discussing some of those ongoing issues. In particular, the challenges facing planning and development, the changes along Montague Road, the impacts of climate change and the need for greening the peninsula. Action on many of the issues discussed was somewhat delayed when another damaging flood hit the community in February. KF set up a stall at Montague Markets to assist residents and connect them with the help they needed. KF worked alongside other community groups and liaised with elected officials to coordinate assistance.

A group of four people in front of Woolworths facing camera. Male in gret tshirt standind, a woman with dark hair, sunglasses and mask, holding a Kurilpa Futures sign, a grey-haried women next to her in balc tshirt and a seated woman in white tshirt. There is a table and boxes in front of them.
Kurilpa Futures team at Montague Markets during 2022 Floods.

Resilient Kurilpa

Subsequently KF helped to create Resilient Kurilpa a network of organisations and individuals in 4101 which aims to find practical projects that will strengthen both the preparedness and response to climate change impacts. Recently Resilient Kurilpa held a workshop on 14 August for residents in flood-affected tin-and-timber houses. The workshop addressed  what lessons have been learned and what actions are needed after the floods of 2011 and 2022. Another workshop is planned in October for residents living in apartment buildings.

Planning and Development

 Earlier in the year KF met with the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DIP) to discuss the following priorities:  

  • Infrastructure. KF stressed the need to recognise the nexus of infrastructure and plans to ensure transparency of the process so that infrastructure charges would be spent in area where collected.
  • Community Engagement priorities included more transparent community participation in decision-making and more affordable housing
  • Environment focus will be on addressing climate change and the requirement for open space commensurate with the burgeoning population.

Planning and development changes should ensure development is not allowed on floodplains and that infrastructure plans are tied to development proposals. This will be particularly important in the rework of the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan (SBRNP).

Meetings were also held with the State Member, Amy MacMahon to review planning priorities for the locality, city and state; and with the management of West Village to pursue issues of open space provision and access in that development.

West Village, Boundary Street

Student Project

Arrangements were concluded with Dr Sebastien Darchen of the University of Queensland for a mixed group of 50-60 undergraduate and postgraduate students of urban planning and design to again conduct their community planning and design project in West End

The project will run from August to November for the fourth successive year. This year’s schemes will be linked to the Montague Rd Project being conducted by KF in collaboration with a number of associated cultural, commercial and residential stakeholders.

Montague Road Project

 With the opening of the newly completed Thomas Dixon Centre and the new home for the Queensland Ballet, the Montague Road Project is underway.  This community-driven project has a long-term focus and will rely on the active participation of residents and visitors to the Montague Road corridor.

A program of community engagement participation activities started in August with regular face-to-face pop-ups over four weeks, at a range of local bus stops, street corners and at the Davies Park Markets. 

To gain a deeper understanding of this area KF organised a free Montague Road History Walk on 13 August which was designed to follow the ‘journey of life’ on this historic Brisbane road.

Montague Road Project


If you are interested in being part of the transformation of Montague Road a Community Forum is being planned on Sunday 11 September at the Thomas Dixon Centre. This community-led dialogue will eventually inform all levels of government of the vision for a ‘signature character’ for this unique and much-loved part of Brisbane.

The forum is a FREE ticketed event, places are limited, register here.

Have your say now by completing our survey here.

Check for more details about the Montague Road project on our webpage.

Greening the Kurilpa Peninsula

The KF Greening Group meets monthly to discuss the peninsula’s green business and strategise actions to significantly improve the natural environment for residents, visitors – and all our creatures.  

As residents who are in touch with neighbours, other local organisations and our elected representatives we lobby to not only increase green and open space but also protect what we have. This may involve:

  • Direct action through hands-on planting and maintenance
  • Walk-arounds to scope sites where trees are needed
  • Engagement with local and state government for more greenery
  • Reporting problems however minor and expressing views where green interests are threatened

Our recent projects to include plantings in the Boundary St Park, Russell St corner and the orange street planters in Boundary and Vulture Streets. We have also designed and distributed the Adopt a Tree’ information flyer for residents with tips on how care for street-trees.

Recently over forty medium sized trees were planted in Vulture Street. This was achieved through BCC-Greening Group collaboration. Further plantings along Vulture Street and Montague Road are planned. Three mature Kauri Pines for the Queen’s Jubilee will be planted at Beaconsfield Street following a submission by KF member John Mongard of JM Landscape Architects.

New street trees, Vulture Street.

KF’s Greening Group initiatives are just one part of the local awareness and actions required for the continued improvement of our public spaces.

We encourage you to join us in Greening Kurilpa. Contact your local and state members about matters that are important to you and keep up to date by following their newsletters. You can report concerns to BCC on 3403 8888 or SMS to fixit BCC on 0429234948 (include an image, the location, and details of the matter, and your name). Adopt a tree or a place in your neighbourhood and encourage neighbours to care for green things – its everyone’s backyard.

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