With less than 12 months to go until the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) is progressing with our security preparations.

More than 30 Internationally Protected Persons will be attending the Leaders’ Summit in Brisbane, as well as 4,000 delegates, 3,000 media representatives from across Australia and the world.

Around 5,000 police officers will also be based in Brisbane during the Leaders’ Summit.

The G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013, which was recently passed through the Queensland Parliament, will allow police increased powers to effectively protect the dignity of the G20 meetings, and providing a safe and secure environment for residents, members of the public, business owners and infrastructure within our community.

Members of the QPS G20 Group External Engagement Team have started liaising with members of the public, residents, business owners and infrastructure providers, as well as protest/issue motivated groups (PMGs/IMGs), to give information about how the declared and restricted areas under the legislation may impact them.

As the G20 Leaders’ Summit draws closer, the External Engagement Team is aiming to liaise with everyone who may be impacted by the security arrangements for the Summit.

Within the Legislation, there are 12 restricted areas which incorporate delegate meeting and accommodation venues. The restricted areas will be clearly marked, and will only be accessible to people with Commonwealth accreditation passes. It is expected that there will be some impacts in the immediate areas surrounding restricted or motorcade areas as part of the Leaders’ Summit.

The broader declared area spans from Bowen Hills to Kangaroo Point and South Brisbane and Woolloongabba. G20 powers will be applicable within this declared area for a specified period of time and within this area, people will be able to go about their business as normal with minimal impact. There will be no signage or delineation indicating that people are entering or are within the declared area.

It is expected that there will be some changes to both rail and bus services through the declared area in the week leading up to and during the Summit, however planning is still ongoing. As details are confirmed, information will be provided to people within impacted areas and the wider community.

Detailed maps of the declared and restricted areas along with a link to the legislation are available at www.police.qld.gov.au/G20

If you have any questions regarding possible G20 impacts, please email the QPS External Engagement Team at G20.info@police.qld.gov.au or call us on 07 3015 3460.