The Annerley Community Bookshop has launched a Go Fund Me appeal to become even more special with a new income stream which has been chosen in consultation with the community! See for details.

In the meantime, donations of cash are needed to help pay the rent and get the Bookshop on its feet again.

Any additional funds will be used to kick-start the next project – what would you like to see? Perhaps a small cafe at the front? Or maybe a night-time open mic night? What about book readings and launches? Maybe we could move around the furniture and do yoga outside of hours? Perhaps some fun craft classes?

After our consultation the following programs have been suggested and resourced by the community:

1.  Community Coffee Shop

2. Artists Hub selling handmade goods on consignment

3. Evening space for the community to have Open Mic, Acoustic Sessions and family friendly activities

The Annerley Community Bookshop and Neighbourhood Centre Inc. is a not-for-profit community enterprise that has been operating in its current form since 2003 and is the only one of its type in Australia. The workers here have supported, loved and encouraged so many locals to connect with one another through their shared enjoyment of reading, books and community.

The long-standing committee acknowledges that books are becoming less valuable and, as such, it’s harder to generate the sales they have achieved in the past.

As the Bookshop is staffed primarily by around 40 volunteers all of whom work on different days and different shifts, managed part-time by the one employee, the incredible Paul Hodges, they have low overheads which had over the last 14+ years, allowed them to support other projects.

The Bookshop has an on-going program of donations to Queensland prison libraries which began in 2008. Since then the have donated well over 100,000 books to most of the local correctional centres including Brisbane Men’s, Brisbane Women’s, Arthur Gorrie (Wacol), Helena Jones Centre, Numinbah (Nerang), Woodford Correctional Centre, and the Townsville Correctional Complex.

‘My Mum’s Voice’ Reading Program, established at Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre, involves Mums reading storybooks onto a CD for their children and posting out the book and the CD. The Annerley Community Bookshop has donated a range of good children’s books for the Mums to choose, read onto CD and send to their children.

The Bookshop hosts the Junction Yarn Jammers, a fortnightly craft group who use the space to connect and knit, crochet and eat pizza! This is a vital space for people to enjoy each other’s company

Annerley locals have shown a huge amount of support and want to see the Bookshop continue in its current form along with a new venture or income stream to ensure they continue to thrive for years to come