laurapatterson 2Baber Studio, an architecture and design practice in Boundary Street, West End, is delighted to announce the opening of new exhibition, ‘Precise Terrain’ with works by Laura Patterson.

The opening evening is Friday 24th July at 6pm, upstairs at unit 9/173 Boundary Street, West End.

‘Precise Terrain’ is a collection of works exploring the relationship between technique and subject matter. Taking grand, sweeping landscapes as subjects and employing detailed and precise techniques to render them, the works present a juxtaposition of different scales from the immense, to the intricate.

They present the viewer with two entirely different images. When viewed from a distance, the images appear soft and blended, but drawing closer the detailed scribbling and dots which make up the scene become apparent.

The subject landscapes from Queensland, Tasmania and Scotland combine techniques of pointillism and stippling, using watercolours, gouache, oils and pen.

About Laura Patterson:

Laura Patterson is a Brisbane artist and graduate architect (UQ, 2014)

Laura’s artwork aims to present a serene elegance and stillness, with her current exhibition featuring a collection of landscapes captured during her travels.

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About Baber Studio

Baber Studio is an architecture and design practice. They convert their studio to an art gallery regularly to support artists. They are located at unit 9/173 Boundary Street, West End, and can be contacted on 3192 9640.

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