Dot Espresso's sheep EwanSouth Bank Corporation is putting the call out to retrieve one its most beloved retailer icons.
On Saturday night, dot. espresso’s resident sheep (affectionately known by staff as Ewan), was stolen from its home outside the store in Stanley Street Plaza.

dot. espresso’s proprietor, Megan Dugdale, is urging the thieves to return the sheep, as ‘he’ has become a significant staple of the store for both its staff and customers.

“He (the sheep) has become an iconic part of our business. Kids absolutely love him and he gives our customers something to smile about as they grab their morning coffee.”

dot. espresso was among the businesses that were adversely affected by the 2011 Brisbane floods. To assist in restoring their business’ trade, the store was granted an assistance payment from the Australian Government. It’s from this payment that the ‘dot. espresso Sheep’ came to be, delighting customers for more than three years.

Ms. Dugdale said she wanted to invest in something happy and regenerate the positivity that inhabited the precinct before the floods took their toll.

“The sheep almost came to represent the floods and that time of our lives in a way. We are a small business and everyone who knows dot. espresso knows where to find us because of our sheep; he’s become part of our little family.”
“While I appreciate that he’s a likeable fellow, we would really like him back where he belongs,” Ms Dugdale says.

South Bank Corporation urges anyone with information about dot. espresso’s missing sheep to contact Parklands Security.

The sheep can be returned anonymously – either to South Bank Security or to the store – without ramifications.

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