I welcome the announcement today that the by-election for the seat of Griffith will be on February 8 2014. Terri Butler – ALP candidate for Griffith

This will be a hard fought campaign and it’s a fight I am ready for. The people of Griffith deserve a strong voice.

The question for the people of Griffith is a simple one: do you want to give Mr Abbott’s LNP government a tick of approval?

Tony Abbott, Campbell Newman and the LNP have repeatedly let down the people of Griffith: the NBN has been scrapped for an outdated system that is 40 times slower; health funding has been cut and funding for childcare has been cut.

People are rightly concerned about the reported GP fees – really, a health tax. It’s a proposal that has been strongly criticised by the AMA. And it’s an attack on Medicare and Australians’ access to healthcare. Mr Abbott and his government have conspicuously failed to rule out this new tax, even though they made no mention of it before the recent federal election.

The people of Griffith are looking for a strong voice for our local community – they are looking for someone to stand up to Tony Abbott and to fight for the issues that matter to them. That’s why I’ll be fighting for access to fast broadband and affordable childcare for Griffith.
This by-election is an opportunity for the people of Brisbane’s Southside to send Tony Abbott a message that we deserve better.