hemp2While Prime Minister Turnbull pontificates about Australia becoming a country that is agile, dynamic and innovative, our drugs policy stagnates. It is stupid, stuck, unimaginative and only gets worse, as Qld Attorney-General Yvette D’ath seems determined to prove.

In Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau has declared that recreational cannabis will be legalised this year. Meanwhile in Queensland, the government proposes medical cannabis laws that won’t work and intends to underline the ‘dangers’ of cannabis by introducing laws to equate it with heroin and cocaine!

Two of the activists who have campaigned to reshape Canada’s cannabis policy, Ajia Mae Moon and Dana Larsen, will speak in Queensland at a protest rally in King George Square on May 7 and at a public meeting at Kurilpa Hall in West End on May 8.

It will be an opportunity for Queenslanders to hear the story of Canada’s successful cannabis struggle and to learn about medical cannabis, which has been legal in Canada since the Supreme Court legalised it in 2001.

Says Dana Larsen:”I am excited to be in Australia again, and to enjoy celebrating the cannabis culture with our friends in Brisbane. The cannabis culture is a global phenomenon, and I always feel at home whenever I am with pot-people anywhere on earth. Canada and Australia have a lot in common, and as activists we have stories and experience to share, as we move together to end cannabis prohibition all round the world.’

Under prohibition, cannabis use has increased enormously. The number of cannabis offences prosecuted each year in Queensland has climbed to over twenty thousand, and the prohibited plant cannabis has become a billion dollar crop, Queensland’s largest agricultural industry. So Attorney-General Yvette “Daffy” D’ath proposes greater and more punishing prohibition!

Insanity, said Einstein, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The SEQ HEMP Embassy urges Quenslanders to come and hear the story of cannabis in Canada and to send a message to Attorney-General “Daffy” D’Ath to end her insanity.

Cannabis Protest Rally:
Sat May 7, 2-5pm
King George Square

‘Cannabis in Canada’
A public talk by Canadian cannabist activists, Dana Larsen and Ajia Mae Moon
Kurilpa Hall, Boundary St West End. Sun May 8, 2-5pm. 


Dana Larsen

Dana Larsen is a Canadian author, politician and cannabis legalization activist. He was the editor of Cannabis Culture magazine from 1994 until 2005, and a founding member of the Marijuana Party of Canada. In 2003, he resigned from the Marijuana party and joined the New Democratic Party.

In 2006, Larsen co-founded the Vancouver Seed Bank, a business which sells many seed varieties by mail-order, including banned plants such as cannabis, poppies, peyote and coca. In November 2008, the Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensory, of which Larsen was a director, opened almost next door to the Vancouver Seed Bank.

In September 2012, Larsen launched the Sensible BC campaign to decriminalize cannabis possession in BC through a referendum. In 2013, he was named one of the 50 most influential people in Vancouver.

Dana has just completed his Overgrow the Government tour of Canada, distributing bags of cannabis seeds to those who want to grow cannabis for medicine.

Mae Moon

Ajia Mae Moon is the creator of WeedWoman, founder and owner of Twelve High Chicks [12HC]. Ajia has been a medical, and recreational cannabis activist since 2005 as well as an active member of the New Democratic Party of Canada since 2010. She has won 2nd place indica bud, and 2nd place hybrid bud at the 2014 Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup (Saskatoon Canada) and 3rd place in extracts at the 2014 kush cup (Vancouver, Canada) and 2nd place in extracts at the 2015 Kush Cup (Vancouver, Canada) Last year she got a chance to speak at: Mardi Grass (N.S.W, Australia) Hempfest (Washington, U.S.A) Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup (Saskatoon , Canada)

Since the closure of her dispensary (three happy cats) Ajia has been focusing on www.twelvehighchicks.com