boundary1One of Brisbane’s most popular markets and live music venues, Boundary Street Markets and the Motor Room, will move out of the historic Absoe site and down to road, across two favourite Boundary Street, West End venues The Boundary Hotel and Rumpus Room.

The markets make way for the construction of several 15-story apartments, with an impromptu relocation event on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 April.

Announcement of the closure, which was anticipated but only recently announced, has caused a stir amongst market goers and live music lovers who have become attached to the vibrant marketplace that hosts up to 5000 visitors every weekend.

Owner of trendy warehouse venue The Motor Room, and publican of The Boundary Hotel, feels moving The Motor Room to the pub’s rooftop beer garden, while physically different, keeps the important culture of all-ages free live music going in a welcoming, open air space with plenty of delicious street eats on offer. “We have hosted some of Australia’s and indeed the world’s best roots, rock and soul acts at the Motor Room over the past 2 years,” says Adam Hill.

“It is sad, but the closing of the Motor Room was always iminent. Since January we have been hosting similar styles of live music at the hotel’s new ‘Sunday Chill Sessions’, so this move feels natural and necessary for the upkeep of West End’s cultural vibrancy,” he said.

The Boundary Hotel will host free live music and up to fourteen street food stalls at 137 Boundary Street, while The Rumpus Room, corner Boundary and Russell Street, will host up to thirty-five stalls, every Friday and Saturday night from 5pm-10pm.

boundary2The relocation launch party will feature live music from 9-piece soul act Bankrupt Billionaires, with support from 2Dogs (Resin Dogs), Dj Katch, live art, and a special street art exhibition from 6pm on 29 April at The Boundary Hotel.

What: Boundary Street Markets and Motor Room Relocation

When: Friday 29th April 2016

Where: 137 Boundary Street, and Crnr Boundary & Russell St., West End