The Human Yes Sign event coming up on the main oval at Davies Park this Sunday 8 October at 9am is a big moment of solidarity, an expression of belief in the decency of Australians and in the rightness of this modest reform.

It is probably only the second referendum out of our national record of 44 that is about both the head and the heart of Australia. I know it has reached deep into my heart, taking me beyond thinking about a constitutional reform and into plumbing the depths about how we see ourselves as Australians going forward. 

I WANT more, I want to embrace the reality of having the oldest continuous culture on the planet, to celebrate this amazing culture and this country it sees as integral. I DON’T want to live knowing the structural inequalities built into Black communities out of our White take-over of the continent will continue despite funding and Close the Gap goals. I WANT to take the pain out of Aboriginal songs and to dance in celebration of their survival and incredible ability to laugh at us and, more generously, with us.

This is not just about a national advisory committee being established out of our First Nations’ people’s invitation. We are asked to choose embracing and walking together with our black and white community. This then is not the time for any Yes campaign slow-down.

Whether the result is a Yes or No, we will undoubtedly see changes as a result of this Referendum. Things long buried have been revealed. Things that we hoped would resolve themselves we now realise will need transformation, something which will involve effort perhaps over generations. In the meantime, giving First Nations the ability to advise on government policies that affect them is the very least we can step into.

This modest proposal in the Referendum is the best thing on offer, the only thing on offer to challenge the status quo.

Throw off any campaign fatigue, join the forces for Yes this Sunday, 9 am 8 October, main oval at Davies Park and make a big Human Yes Sign. Bring your families and friends, it’s a celebration not a protest. Let’s put our hope into action, it’s the best we can do right now.

@WEstandforYes #WEstandforYes