Brisbane Seniors Online (computer lessons for the over 50s) is now looking forward to 2021 with some easing of restrictions allowing learners to receive home tuition once again. New learners and volunteer mentors are welcome to join.

Brisbane Seniors Online is a not-for-profit group that teaches computers and emerging technology to seniors and over 50s in their own home on their own device using a volunteer mentor. All mentors and staff are unpaid. Many scams have emerged through the coronavirus crisis and it is important for all internet users to be aware of this and how to detect and safely use the internet and computers.


Brisbane Seniors Online is always looking for new learners who are seniors or over 50 to join and be taught. In order to teach new learners, we also welcome new volunteer mentors who can teach and relate to learners who are over 50. Without sufficient mentors including those who are confident to teach any or all Apple, Windows or Android devices. Ideally volunteer mentors need to be of similar age to the learners they will be teaching. The average age of learners is 74.


An affordable membership fee of a $20 one off joining fee plus $45 a year applies. Learners get as a guide around 12 x 1 hour home lessons provided by a volunteer mentor. After formal lessons are completed, learners then get ongoing support for the balance of their membership year where they can seek support from their allocated mentor.


Brisbane Seniors Online can provide a speaker to seniors and community groups about how they can help with computers and technology. These presentations are free.

Contact Brisbane Seniors Online on 3393 2225 or

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