“The Belles of Hell continue asking the hard questions about life, love, identity, sexuality and how to get the proverbial two bits.”
Shave and a Haircut

Betsy Turcot and Eleanor Jackson up close and personal

You’ve seen poetry in the pub, up on a stage, in the back of a bookstore. But in a hair salon?

Betsy Turcot and Eleanor Jackson are The Belles of Hell, a local word-making duo whose powerful presence and razor sharp language weave tales of love, family, heartbreak, and everything in between. After a sold-out run in 2013, The Belles of Hell return to Anywhere Theatre Festival with a new story to tell. Shave & A Haircut is an intimate poetic play told from the hairdressers’ chair. For three nights only, Betsy and Eleanor are asking the big question – just what does it take to be the man?

If you’re new to the world of spoken word art, an evening with Betsy and Eleanor is the place to start. Combining a playful irreverence with a cutting streak, Shave & A Haircut will be a poetic play unlike any you’ve seen before.