antifa at Musgrave Park

Workers, anarchists and locals oppose the fascists who tried to disrupt a funeral today

A plan by fascist group Australia First to protest the arrest of  Nikos Michaloliakos today was foiled by workers, anarchists and locals who turned out in numbers to make sure the group did not get any traction.

A handful of fascist supporters skulked away from the hundred or so anti-fascists and headed into the city where they planned to protest to Premier Newman. Again hugely out-numbered by twenty or so leftists for every fascist, they were shuffled into a taxi by police and told to leave.

Westender journalist Jimmy Wall and citizen journalists will be filing longer stories later.

UPDATE – 3rd May, 2014

It was wrongly reported in an earlier version of this article that the intention of the Australia First Part was to interrupt a funeral. This is incorrect. The protest was planned and the date set before the funeral was organised.