Labor honour’s its 2022 election promise, making Coorparoo home to a new community battery.

Community batteries are a relatively new concept in Australia and have been likened to Dropbox for electricity – they can be shared between local customers, the wider community and electricity networks.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water says a community battery is a locally shared battery within a community allowing storage of excess rooftop solar generated electricity, to be used later. They enable the community to use the stored electricity instead of importing it from the grid. The batteries are about the size of a 4WD and store the equivalent of around 25-45 average household batteries.

Community batteries can assist home owners and renters without solar panels reap the benefits of renewable energy while reducing emissions and easing pressure on the grid by absorbing excess solar-generated electricity. 

Under Labor’s plan, Energex will receive $447,892 in the first round of grant funding to install a community battery in Coorparoo.

The government is investing $200 million to install 400 community batteries nationwide.

“Around 1 in 3 Australian households have installed rooftop solar, making us a global leader, but far fewer have batteries to store their energy for later use. The Albanese Government’s Community Batteries program is about unlocking storage and cleaner cheaper energy for more households,” Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen said.

“Renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy and ensuring Australians can have access to it is a priority for the Government, guaranteeing we can take advantage of Australia’s abundant solar energy and save on power bills.”

Queensland Senator Murray Watt welcomed the energy relief for families in Coorparoo.

“The community can benefit from cheaper power bills, reduced emissions and reduced pressure on the electricity grid.” 

“A recent community battery trial has found participants could benefit by between $50 – $250 per year depending on participants’ solar exports and energy use patterns.”

A spokesperson for the Minister said the Albanese Labor Government is pleased to deliver a battery in Coorparoo with the support of Queensland Government-owned Energex Limited.

“This is part of Labor’s plan to reduce emissions and put downward pressure on cost of living by better utilising Queensland’s abundance of rooftop solar.”

“Further details, including the location of the battery, will be determined by the provider working in consultation with the community, with completion targeted for March 2025.

This current round is now closed.


Details on the first stream of batteries can be found on the DCCEEW website


Labor’s plan to power-up renewables with community batteries

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