helen at stairsLocal Councillor Helen Abrahams has issued a statement concerning an application by the Boundary Hotel to extend its trading hours till 2.00 am.

“The Boundary Hotel is seeking to extend its trading hours to 2.00am Monday to Sunday.

“Local residents in Jane Street and Thomas Street are concerned that the level of antisocial behaviour from drunks will increase, will be more frequent and will continue longer into the early hours of the morning if the application is approved by Liquor Licencing.

“The current hours are 10.00am to 12.00am and local property owners complain about people trespassing on their property, using their front yard as a toilet and general shouting and noise disturbance late at night.

“The back bar of the Boundary Hotel is not sound proofed. It is open to the sky. It is inappropriate for this bar to operate until 2.00am when residents are trying to sleep, less than 70 metres away from the venue.  

“I know the West End Police station officers invest time and resources to manage the problems associated with the large number of people and drunken behaviour, but still they persist.

“I am sure not all of the complaints are due to the Boundary Hotel but many of them relate to Sundays when large well-attended functions are held at this hotel.

“I have written to Liquor Licencing requesting  the hours of trading should not be extended. The Licensee needs to work with the local community and the Queensland Police Service to reduce the number of complaints before any extension of hours is considered.”