Crisis Support – Inner Brisbane Supports and Free Food Services. December 2023 Edition below.

We are experiencing a housing and cost of living crisis nationally.

The Queensland Council of Community Services says,Families are losing more than $10,000 a year trying to maintain a basic standard of living in Queensland.”

Fuel, grocery prices and rent increases have affected families across Brisbane, and we are seeing more and more people living rough under our bridges and in our parks.

It is estimated that over 20,000 people are homeless in the state, most living in Brisbane. The causes of homelessness are complex, but many factors contribute to the problem. These include a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, mental health issues, family violence, and substance abuse.

Many of us want to help but are unsure how. One way to assist is to support the local on-the-ground not-for-profit organisations providing crisis and immediate support services, including food; many need donations and volunteers.

Food Support in West End and South Brisbane

Feeding 4101 provides a regular list of food support services in West End and South Brisbane.

See latest listing here: Feeding 4101 Food List Nov 23

Brisbane Free Food Locations and Times  – Dec 2023 Edition

The Coffee Brigade Brisbane provides a regular list of all inner Brisbane Free Food Locations and Times

See the edition updated in Dec 2023. Vol 6 Issue 7 at this link  –Updated Edition – Inner Brisbane Free Food Locations

Organisations that operate in West End and South and Inner Brisbane include:

Community Friends and Romero Centre  also provide support locally. Community Friends desperately needs storage space so that the can accept more donated food. Contact Jimmy on 0418452067 between 8.30 – 4.30 if you can help.


Pantries are located at Hope on Boundary Cafe (Micah Projects) and West End Community House.

If you know of other services operating locally, please let us know.

Government Supports

The Queensland Government’s Emergency Relief Program provides financial and/or material support to Queenslanders in financial crisis.

Services, such as Anglicare, St Vincent de Paul – Emergency Relief, Wesley Mission Brisbane – Emergency Relief, Greek Orthodox Community – Emergency Relief, ATSICHS – Emergency Relief, Brisbane Youth Service – Emergency Relief, can assist people access government emergency relief. Or check in with West End Community House and Micah Projects.


Concerned local creates Feeding 4101 to support people in need.


Romero Centre supporting asylum seekers this Christmas.

Community Friends supporting Westenders in need.

See also, the QCOSS Town to Nowhere Campaign.