Councillor Jonathan Sri and South Brisbane MP, Amy MacMahon are encouraging residents to make submissions to Brisbane City Council about amendments to its Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP).

You have until midnight on Sunday 27 June to make your submission.

The LGIP covers what Council terms ‘trunk infrastructure’. Trunk infrastructure is the high-level, shared infrastructure. It includes:

  • transport (e.g. roads, pathways, ferry terminals and bus stops)
  • stormwater (e.g. pipes and water quality treatment devices)
  • water supply and wastewater (e.g. reservoirs, pipes and sewage treatment plants)
  • public parks (e.g. parks and sporting facilities)
  • land for community facilities (e.g. land for libraries and community centres)

Speed limit changes or public transport schedules are out of scope.

Ms MacMahon says this is the opportunity for residents to have a say on what projects Council sees as most important. She and Councillor Sri are suggesting residents might support such infrastructure as the expansion of Davies Park, the completion of the Kangaroo Point River Walk, and a new ferry terminal at Jane Street in West End.

Would you like to see an upgrade of Kurilpa Library to include a new community centre, or separated bike paths along Vulture Street? What about some new sports fields and facilities?

Councillor Sri has added suggestions for pedestrian crossings and intersection redesigns along Montague Road, and in the vicinity of Rogers Street and Ferry Road. He also suggests a pedestrian friendly redesign of Hardgrave Road/Dornoch Terrace intersection.

As suggested by Ms MacMahon you can make a submission in the following ways:

  • Send the email to
  • Make the subject line – “Interim Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) amendment 1a – Feedback submission”.
  • Remember for Council to accept your submission, you must include your full name and current postal address in the email. For example, “I [insert full name] at [insert full postal address] am writing to register my feedback for the Interim Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) amendment 1a. I would like Council to prioritise the following pieces of infrastructure…

You can copy and paste any of the pieces of infrastructure suggested by Ms MacMahon and Cr Sri or make your own suggestions. See at this link: or on Facebook here:

You may also want to check in with West End Community Association or Kurilpa Futures to see what they are recommending.

Keep in mind that Council decisions are based on the quality of submissions, not on quantity. Also, note that this is an update to the current plan, not a major overhaul.

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