Theatreroo is a West End based theatre company specialising in miniaturising well known theatrical shows into 60-minute pub theatre events. Last Saturday’s show was their 14th sell-out performance in a row.

Theatreroo has a residency at Montana Art Project (above The Montague Hotel) where they hold two performances on the last Saturday of every month.

Their most popular show, “Live at The Trocadero” will be on Saturday 26th September. 

Set in 1942, in wartime Brisbane, a young singer from Townsville wants to make it in Brissy – the big smoke, full of Aussies and Yanks, but with the American troops comes trouble… and romance! She finds herself working in Brisbane’s hottest nightclub “The Trocadero” during a tumultuous period in Brisbane’s history.

This is an intimate 60-minute Cabaret, featuring Queensland’s best performers in the story of Therese.

With romance, cross-cultural humour, and a selection of catchy songs, Live At The Trocadero is the perfect miniature performance for those looking to enjoy some Live Theatre!

Music: Clarry Evans and Michael Lynch Story: Brett Heath

Starring: Stephanie Long (PowerHouse: Becoming Bill) as Therese. Sandro Colarelli (QTC: Twelfth Night), Chris White (Hi Five), Lucinda Shaw (PowerHouse: Finished Kiss), Connor Hawkins.

Musical Director: Sante DÉttorre Director: Brett Heath


Catch Live At The Trocadero at Montana Art Project (Montague Hotel), West End.

Date: 26th September.

Location: Level 1 / 363 Montague Rd, West End, QLD 4101