Assisi Walkway between Dornoch Terrace and Gray Road beside St Francis Church

Local Councillor Helen Abrahams has announced that three pedestrian pathways in Highgate Hill now have a formal name, after two years of lobbying for this local community initiative.

The pathway between Dornoch Terrace and Gray Road beside St Francis Church has been called Assisi Walkway. Bell Path is the name for the pathway between Gray Road and Barnsley Street and War-Gun Stairs is the current name for the 76 stairs between St James Street and Monto Street where a community art project is currently transforming them.

Council drafted a Pathway Naming Policy to enable the naming process so as to differentiate them from laneways used by motor vehicles.

Helen Abrahams said “One of the real joys of being a Councillor is working with residents to put their ideas in place especially when it strikes a chord with other residents.

“The suggestion for the naming of the pathways came from a Highgate Hill resident hoping to increase the awareness that these places existed and to promote walking in the local area.

“More than 100 suggestions for names of the pathways were received in 2012. The names reflected many themes such as reference to the St Francis Church for the Dornoch Terrace pathway, now named Assisi Way.

“Bell Path is named after one of the first owners in the area who lived in Daventry Street, Highgate Hill. War-gun is an Aboriginal name for scrub turkey, as there are many of these native birds in the area. However, residents are determined that an alternative Aboriginal spelling should be used. So I have requested the name is changed to Woggoon Stairs. It will take several weeks for the new signage to be installed.


Bell Path, between Gray Road and Barnsley Street

“I look forward to naming other pathways in The Gabba Ward now that the policy is in place and would welcome suggestions from residents,” said Ms Abrahams.