good markets9According to David Bostock, manager of the Boundary Street Markets in West End, the new Friday Night Street Food Market has proved a huge success – so much so they’re now repeating the experience every Saturday night as well.

Here’s David’s take on things:

You can expect any major city with a lively personality to be backed by a thriving street food scene. London has its Jacket Potato vans, New York its Hot Dog vendors. Most cities in Asia offer a plethora of tasty street foods for passers-by to enjoy. Well, now Brisbane is joining the list!

There’s nothing like the tastes, sounds, smells and vibrancy of a night food market; a place to gather, taste and share. In a city like Brisbane with our amazing weather, access to world-class, local produce and cultural diversity, nothing could make more sense than a bustling night-time, street   food scene, so here it is – the great destination night market in West End.

‘Market Lane & Market Square’ fills the gap in Brisbane markets

The ‘Market Lane, Market Square & MOTOR ROOM’ night market is ’ Boundary Street Markets ‘ latest initiative is to open from 4pm to 10pm Saturday Nights starting November the 8th– a vibrant mix of food, wine, cultures and entertainment to what is normally on Friday evening is now as well on Saturday at the Boundary Street Market precinct on the corner of Boundary & Mollison Streets, West End. Each weekend will have live music with Buskers around the market. Plus Live bands and Entertainment in the MOTOR ROOM with a bar. With camp fires all around the market.

The idea for this night market has been cooking for a while. Plenty of plans were developed, changed and challenged over a long period of time to get here, but now we’re ready to offer up a diverse, international food and entertainment experience for Brisbane locals and tourists alike.

Calling all Brisbane markets food vendors and foodies

With more than 100 food vendors currently operating at Brisbane farmer’s markets and other markets, Brisbane isn’t short of purveyors of diverse and inspired international cuisine. Market Lane and Market Square will now provide the ultimate canvas and all the right ingredients to showcase local culinary skills – a Brisbane market where street food is the main attraction, not just a bite on the side!

The Market will feature artisans, producers and of course food, offering something for everyone from groups of students and families to tradies and executives. The common denominator is – a love of good food and a great ambience that creates a quality destination.

London-hip hits Brisbane

Street food has become hip in London and many other cities in the world in recent years. Petra Barran, Winner of “The One Persons Passion Award” at the London Restaurant Festival in 2011 has been a driving force in the street food trend in London and believes the craving for street food is a reaction to the symptoms of modern malaise. “Cities are so anaemic and choreographed. It is (street food)] a reaction to the control of public life,” she says.

Like us, Barran believes that through food we can foster community spirit and boost wellbeing. That’s precisely what this new West End market, ‘Market Lane & Markey Square’ is designed to do.

I bring 35+ years’ experience in operating successful markets to the Marketta @Boundary Street Markets night market and am passionate about what initiatives like this can do for the community and city as a whole. There’s a beneficial flow on to surrounding businesses and a mutual benefit for traders and community to shop together, plan together, eat together.

Join the Brisbane markets that could change the dining landscape

We’ve noticed that consumers are looking for diversity and ingenuity. They want to have an experience and travel just by tasting a dish, even if they’re perched on a milk crate.

At Boundary Street Markets, we’d like to see a great collection of street food vendors with cuisines to complement the lively, multi-cultural theme of the Market without directly competing with local businesses. This Market is to show our Multicultural Heritage and daily qualities that make us a great destination to live and visiting tourists taking a snap shot of Brisbane lifestyle and way of life.

If there is lacking in the Market arena that would attract a Tourist content please pass comments so that our success is part of the whole community.


David Bostock
Boundary Street Markets