A personal appeal from Kate Gorringe-Smith of the Overwintering Project to save Toondah Harbour.

Toondah Harbour is on Queensland’s Moreton Bay, a beautiful area with amazing biodiversity. It is also a Marine Sanctuary, a Ramsar site, and the non-breeding habitat of many of our migratory shorebirds. Toondah Harbour is under threat from a proposed development that would see the building of 3,600 homes and a 200-berth marina. This would be a disaster for the integrity of the Ramsar site and for the migratory shorebirds that rely on Moreton Bay’s habitat!

This includes critical habitat for eastern Curlews, our most endangered migratory shorebird.

The company that has proposed this development, the Walker Corporation, has released an Environmental Impact Survey which can be commented on until 6 December. To add your comments, BirdLife has an online tool with lots of information to make it as easy as possible to oppose this development. You can access it here.

Alternately you can find more information to draft your response here at the Redlands 2030 webpage.

You can read the draft EIS here.

If approved, this development will destroy internationally important Ramsar wetlands and migratory shorebird habitat. Please add your voice to stop the Toondah Harbour development and to speak for shorebirds!

We have until 6 December  to comment on the draft Environment Impact Statement (EIS) submitted by the Walker Corporation, Australia’s largest private developer, for its proposed Toondah Harbour project that will destroy internationally important Ramsar wetlands and migratory shorebird habitat if approved.

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