Community Plus – West End Community House (WECH) is pleased that People’s Park is about to get a long overdue makeover.

WECH has been activating the Kiosk and the People’s Park space for many years to engage the local community in creative activities, including music, arts and community events.

The Kiosk was built in 2000 as a partnership between West End Community House, Triple A Radio and Brisbane City Council.

West End Community House (WECH) and the Indigenous radio station Triple A Murri Country have continued collaborating to activate People’s Park.

The People’s Park activation increases social inclusion and provides a space that is community-led and community-focused. However, given the condition of the “Kiosk”, it has not been able to be activated in a manner that is safe for all. For the community to receive the best access that ‘The Peoples Park” can offer, it has been crucial that these upgrades were escalated to a level of urgency.

 Here are a few of the benefits of activation:

  • Acknowledging the Cultural importance of the park – creating a culturally safe space for mob to gather – especially during Sorry Business.
  • Supporting community arts and cultural activities
  • Contributing to the appreciation of West End’s history and heritage
  • Murri radio outdoor activation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Contributing to improved health and well–being (social connectedness)
  • Social Inclusion music workshops.

Our work in activating this vital community space addresses the need to build stronger community participation and social cohesion, activate and utilise public space, and break down social barriers between those on the margins and the broader community.

Through activation at the Kiosk, West Enders get to be connected to a space where community participation links people with one another and community is strengthened.

Discussions about the Kiosk have been occurring with local stakeholders who currently frequent or activate “space” on Boundary Street. 

The Gabba Ward, Councillor. Trina Massey presented a local briefing to Stakeholders and Community on the forthcoming upgrades to the Kiosk at People’s Park on Tuesday, 21 November, at Avid Reader.

Render of People's Park upgrade.
Render of People’s Park upgrade.

Community consultations have also been occurring at the Kurilpa Kiosk on Wednesdays from 9am to 12pm over the past 4 weeks, as well as up at West End Community House on Thursdays from 7am to 8am. Community members who have attended the consultations have provided feedback and suggestions. 

The work will involve the demolition and rebuilding of the current Kiosk. The toilets will also be upgraded.


• 10 November 2023 – Continuing user group engagement, feedback and consultation

• 21 November 2023 – Stakeholder Briefing

• 29 November – 5 December: review and feedback to Brisbane City Council

• February 2024 – Works to begin. 

• March – April 2024 – Works completed.

The park upgrade will establish a culturally safe environment that enhances the community’s overall wellbeing by fostering a more inclusive, tolerant, and supportive culture.

The upgrade will increase the capacity of local residents and volunteers to offer support to those who are marginalised and socially isolated and promote a more cohesive and interconnected community in Kurilpa.