Brisbane Seniors Online provides affordable one on one home tuition on computers and using the internet confidently and safely. All devices including Windows, Apple and Android are taught within the Greater Brisbane area using patient unpaid volunteer mentors.

Whilst new learners are always sought right across the Brisbane Seniors Online coverage area, there are several pockets where there is a need for more mentors who can teach Apple devices or multiple devices. Some users are now using Apple devices more regularly or multiple devices and Brisbane Seniors Online can assign mentors who have the skills to teach these devices. Male and female mentors are available.

Learn how to use social media, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Office applications, use a scanner, send email with attachments and photos and how to stay in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world.

The following special interest groups (SIG) are open to all BSOL learners and mentors as well as office volunteers and when face to face meeting resume, these are held in the Woolloongabba Training Centre.

  • Photographers who would like to improve their skills can join in with the monthly Digital Photography Special Interest Group who usually run group meetings and photography excursions.
  • Users of Linux can become more confident by joining in on the monthly Linux SIG currently utilising Zoom but under normal circumstances, face to face meetings are usually held.
  • In addition, there is normally a monthly Apple SIG that meets face to face, but this is currently suspended during the health crisis.
  • Mentors can join in on the monthly mentor support SIG currently operating using Zoom. Assistance can be given to mentors who have experienced problems when they have been tutoring learners. Very experienced mentors with high level technical skills can often offer solutions to the technical problems raised.

New learners pay a one off joining fee of $20 plus a $45 annual fee. For this, learners get as a guide 12 x 1 hour home lessons on a one on one basis on their own device, at a pace they are comfortable with and in the things they would like to learn. This is found to be more conducive to learning as classes have a range of participants at different levels of skills, so some advanced learners become bored and novice learners may find difficulty in keeping up if the pace is too quick for them. One on one tuition solves these issues. Once a learner has completed around the 12 x 1 hour home lessons, they then get mentor support by email, remote assistance, phone or if necessary, by a mentor visiting them. This support is offered for the balance of their membership year.

Mentors join for free and they are unpaid . After a formal induction, mentors can be matched and assigned a learner to teach. Mentors can participate in the monthly Mentor Support Special Interest Group meetings currently using Zoom. Mentoring is fun and rewarding. They can gain additional skills and confidence from tutoring and helping learners.

A BSOL volunteer is available to provide presentations to such groups as Probus, VIEW, National Seniors, Forum and any community or social group where seniors and over 50s are involved. These talks are at no cost.

For more information about Brisbane Seniors Online and how they can help you, contact the Woolloongabba Training Centre on 3393 2225 or and


Cover image: BSOL mentors Gary Alcorn and Margareta.