Even those living under a rock would have heard of the Vegan Movement in 2017, and activists from around the world are gathering in Tasmania from 21st to 25th March to prepare themselves to up the ante in 2018.

Drawing globally recognized animal rights activists like James Aspey, Joey Carbstrong and the founders of Anonymous for the Voiceless Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari, Newkind 2.0 is hosting 500 participants to discuss, plan and prepare their efforts towards social change.

Event Director Erfan Daliri said, “How we treat the most vulnerable and helpless beings on this earth is a reflection of our morality and spiritual awareness.” He continues “And what we are currently doing to them is heartbreaking and unnecessary.”

The programming at Newkind covers everything from ethical living, sustainable design, and street activism training, to lectures on economics, gender equality and physical health and well-being.  “We use the festival format as a familiar template, in order to re-direct some of the energy poured into entertainment and escapism towards positive social change.”

The gathering is hosted on a secret property in Tasmania with participants shuttled in from Hobart airport. Newkind has a zero drug & alcohol policy, solar power only and zero packaging principles, and very clear affirmative consent, Indigenous rights and gender equality statements.

“Newkind is designed to prepare and support participants to become more composed, eloquent, courageous and effective activists. Everyone wants to make a difference and we’re helping to facilitate that process.”

With all meals, desserts and hospitality included with the ticket, organisers ensure the entire event is plant-based, cruelty-free and without packaging. Sponsors include Longely Organic Farm, Ella’s Wisdom, Kickstarter Arts, Cheffittles Express, Solar Tasmania, and Tasman Eco Village.

If you thought the vegan activists were annoying in 2017, Newkind 2.0 is going to really ruffle your feathers. #WeAreNewkind

further details at www.newkindfestival.com