Queenslanders, get ready to walk, roll, run or stroll and embark on a thrilling journey of discovery! It’s Queensland Walks Month, August 2023.

Queensland Walks Month commenced on Tuesday 1 August, 2023 with the Queensland Walking Alliance launch at Southbank Brisbane

We are delighted to announce the launch of Walk Explore, which is a celebration of Queensland Walks Month that’s aimed at encouraging Queenslanders to celebrate walking, rolling, rolling or strolling.

Supported by the Queensland Government and local community partners, Queensland Walks Month is a fun and inclusive campaign that urges individuals of all ages to make walking, running, rolling or strolling an integral part of their daily lives. By heading out on a walk, run, roll or stroll explore, Queenslanders can enjoy numerous advantages, ranging from improved physical and mental health to reduced environmental impact and greater cultural awareness.

During Queensland Walks Month, Queenslanders can embrace an active lifestyle, choose walking as a transport option while exploring the diverse and breathtaking surroundings that our beautiful state has to offer.

“We invite Queenslanders to share their walking experiences, share photos and reels or engage in our online discussions to help improve the ‘walkability’ of neighbourhoods and favourite places and spaces to walk.” Says President Angela Wright, Queensland Walks.

“From urban walking to the latest Tik Tok craze of ‘soft hiking’, we love hearing about the places and the people from our Queensland walking community!”

“Walk Explore – it doesn’t matter if you walk around the block, to the mailbox or roll to the shop or bus, or if you’re hiking Mount Barney or the Welford National Park, we’d love to hear about it!”

Whether you are a seasoned bushwalker, a ‘soft hiker’ or a novice explorer eager to explore Queensland’s breathtaking landscapes, Walk Explore will connect you with Queensland Walking stories resources, and expert advice to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Queensland Walks encourages people to complete a ‘Walk My Street Audit’ which found that:

  • 51% walkers don’t have a sealed footpath on their street
  • 74% walkers said that their footpath was not wide enough
  • 67% walkers said that they footpath is not well-maintained
  • 56% said that there wasn’t a kerb ramp at the end of the footpath – making the footpath non-accessible
  • 84% said that their footpath was not shaded, cool or protected from sun exposure or heat
  • 61% said that they don’t have a safe place to cross the road easily and safely and without fear
  • 64% said that vehicles in their street were not slow enough to feel safe while walking
  • 36% says that their street makes them feel like walking more often and inviting more friends. Investment in walking infrastructure is essential.

Themes to ‘explore’ during Queensland Walks Month include:

  • Transport
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Accessibility
  • Local Walks
  • Destination Walks
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Community
  • Environment

Cultural walking stories will provide an opportunity to delve into the rich indigenous heritage and learn about the traditions and stories that shape our communities.

For more information, visit www.queenslandwalks.org.au

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